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We are pleased to inform you that in connection with expanding its activities, BARS offers the latest opportunities for all EA owners: participation in the General Assembly, decision-making related to the work of the Association and opportunity to participate in the management of BARS.

Through our mutual cooperation, each member of our team will be able to benefit from our years of experience, proven good practices and established contacts. We, in turn, will receive new adherents to enrich and support the development of our organization.


  • right to participate in the General Assembly of the Association
  • Right of free residence in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and very soon throughout rest of Europe.
  • easy opening of companies, bank accounts, etc.
  • purchase of movable and immovable property in Europe
  • leases and credits at the relevant rates and conditions applicable to European citizens.

The above mentioned is offered to associate members - annual membership fee of 5000.00 euro.