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Preferential rates and conditions especially for BARS’ associate members EURO ASSISTANCE

The EA program is performed thanks to BARS Association, created in 2011 by a group of authoritative personalities, influential in some areas of social and economic life in both Europe and Eurasia. The real purpose of creating the organization is the countless variety of problems of citizens and companies related to the globalization of modern social and economic life (mixed marriages, work and business in other countries, change of residence, etc.). In practice, it turns out that the enormous opportunities of globalization are largely redundant if there is no one person (organization) to lend a hand and accurately present the real opportunities and the “underwater stones” that are specific to each country. A question of luck and chance that do not happen often. In 90% of cases, people are burned several times before they get adequate support, many even give up. This is EUROASSISTANCE. Objective assistance and support in all spheres of the social and business world.Clients of Life Division can learn more about membership terms and conditions at the Life Division call center.

The EURO ASSISTANCE program (services package) includes:

  • Special prices for legal assistance (free consultation) and subsequent active legal protection across the EU and CIS.
  • Crediting individuals and businesses to purchase real estates and cars (including replacement) within the EU and CIS, under conditions specifically designed for BARS’ members.
  • Accounting support for legal entities in order to optimize taxes in the course of doing business within the EU and countries of CIS.
  • All types of insurance within the EU and CIS, special discounts for BARS’ members.
  • Property management for all members (renting, maintenance, etc.).
  • Real estate agency on the territory of EU and CIS (includes survey, research, check, preparation of sales documents, etc.) until the complete finalization of the transaction.
  • Carry out marketing research for commercial transactions (research of contractors) as well as ensure the execution of specific commercial transactions between BARS’ members and external counterparties across the EU and CIS.
  • International Tour Operator - Products and services specially developed for BARS’ members - preferential prices, conditions and discounts for tourist services - incl. airline tickets, excursions around Europe and around the world, etc.
  • Products and services developed specifically for the associated members of BARS - Preferential prices, conditions and discounts for security and safety services, purchase and sale of real estate, tourist services (airline tickets, tours), leasing, construction services and many others.