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Our mission

We are pleased to introduce you to the activities of BARS Association.

We are an NGO, as a non-profit organization, BARS firstly provides support and comfort related to a number of services - legal support, all kinds of free consultations, loans, real estate, insurance.

We offer an adequate solution to a problem, and the relevant physical person or legal entity, government organization, etc., which can help solve the problem / case.

BARS does not sell a service. We take care of our members by giving them the opportunity to take advantage of our contacts and experience, thus ensuring that they prevent their bitter experience.

Each member has the right to ask us about his or her own desire or opportunity.

BARS Association provides free consultation on all issues and a subsequent price offer to solve a specific case or problem.

The price offer includes preferential prices and conditions for our members and is based on our cooperation with our partners.

BARS guarantees the loyalty of its partners. The customer is not obliged to take advantage of our partners’ offer.

We consult customers and then we offer solutions. The consultation is always free of charge.

If the problem solution relates to the services offered by one of our partners (notaries, lawyers, insurance brokers, etc.), the service is paid.

The price offer is determined by the type of the particular case and the actions required to resolve it.

BARS is the guarantor and support of the deal, and receives a percentage of the transaction value accordingly.