A unique opportunity for the “Euroassistance” card holders!

All clients and consultants holding the product "PROFIT MAX" receive a unique opportunity to protect their interests from elite lawyers - attorneys, notaries and legal advisers !!!

According to a cooperation agreement from 01.03.2018. signed between the association "BARS EUROASSISTANCE" and "LIFE DIVISION BULGARIA" LTD:

"BARS" through its partners:

  • Lawyers Associated Worldwide, represented by a law firm of Georgiev, Todorov & Co., Founded in 1991, which currently employs 7 partners and 52 lawyers.
  • Notary office with notary public, Milena Evgenieva Georgieva №622, working since 1998
  • Private Enforcement Agent Stefan Petrov № 921, with long-standing practice and responsibility to the needs of the creditors, collection of their receivables and fulfillment of the legal requirements;

undertakes to protect the clients of LIFE DIVISION BULGARIA, to protect their interests and their input from illegal activities by:

  • assume their legal protection
  • protects their investments in ISEC
  • offers a unique financial product
  • offers protection at the highest European level
  • ensures for itself and its partners that they hold the highest European licenses and meet the highest European standards.

The main duties of our above mentioned legal partners are:

The Law Firm "Georgiev, Todorov & Co.", As part of Lawyers Associated Worldwide, protects our clients through:

  • protect the rights and legitimate interests of our clients in the best possible way
  • accurately informing clients about their rights and obligations
  • keeping customers secret without time limit
  • lawyers in all their actions are guided by the interests of their clients, respecting the law and rules of professional conduct. Lawyers put their clients' interests over theirs and those of their relatives and colleagues.

Notarial protection includes the following duties of the notary:

  • examine any requests for assistance made to him
  • not to take part in the performance of his / her duties
  • to protect the rights and interests of the parties, to guide them, to clarify their will and the factual situation, to make them clear and unambiguous with the legal consequences and to prevent any omissions or delays in the work that would lead to violation of their rights
  • keep professional secrecy about the circumstances that have become known to him in connection with the work and can not use them for his or her own benefit.

The private enforcement agent implements its legal powers, respecting the interests of our clients, such as:

  • Proceeds at the request of the interested party on the basis of a writ of execution or other act to be enforced
  • shall not refuse to execute enforcement actions, except in the cases provided for by law
  • keeps a professional secret about the circumstances that have become known to him in connection with the work and can not use them for his or her own benefit

“BARS EUROASSISTANCE” Association is obliged to exercise control over the fulfillment of the obligations of its partners as well as to inform all its clients in due time of the necessity to take action in defense of their rights and legitimate interests as well as to monitor the efficiency of the performed of their legal partners work.

The value of this service is included in the price of the Euro assistance program.

All of the listed services provide unique comfort and tranquility to LIFE DIVISION customers, their investment, their interests. In addition, the Euro assistance card shows new incredible opportunities and elevates its world-class capabilities!